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The Barakah Effect - More with Less

The Barakah Effect - More with Less

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450 pages

“The Barakah Effect unveils a universal reality, revealing a practical approach to a spiritual law. In a contemporary world where the unseen and the sacred has become a seemingly distant fiction, Mohammed Faris helps demystify a tangible spiritual truth that can be witnessed and evidenced in our everyday lived experience. This book is not only essential reading for reconnecting us with our innate sacred relationship with the Divine Reality, it offers a simple and clear guide to implementing ancient wisdom within our perceived mundane lives. The poignant concepts and steps articulated within the pages of this modern manual ignite a literal paradigm shift in how we view success and productivity.” — Dr. Abdallah Rothman, President of the International Association of Islamic Psychology

In an age of relentless hustle and overwhelming busyness, what if there’s an ancient key that unlocks more while doing less? Enter Barakah – the divine multiplier effect, a spiritual conduit to abundance in every facet of life.

About the Chapters:

Spanning 14 chapters, the book unravels a manifesto, each representing a distinct principle of the Barakah Culture.

- Unearth the profound difference between Barakah Culture and the prevailing Hustle Culture.
- Delve into intentions’ powerful role and the spiritual intelligence required to engage daily with your purpose.
- Reimagine a God-centric life, understanding servitude to both the Creator and His creation.
- Immerse yourself in the Gardener Mindset, cultivating patience, focus, and trust in God’s divine plan.
- Reflect on the potency of parents’ blessings, and the legacy that outlives one’s existence.
- Remind oneself of life’s transience and the importance of aligning with eternal purpose.
- And, traverse the life of Prophet Muhammadﷺ, understanding the blessings and abundance that surround him.

Dive in and let the Barakah transform you, guiding your life towards more... with less

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