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Umm Aiman - A woman from people of paradise

Umm Aiman - A woman from people of paradise

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32 pages
Age: 7+

Umm Aiman, another book in the series about the companions of the Prophet Muhammad, is a delightfully written exploration of the life of Umm Aiman, an Abyssinian slave who worked as a maid in the house of Aminah, the Prophet’s mother. The Prophet revered her as a mother, because she looked after him and raised him after his mother’s death. The main focus is on her life in Makkah – first as a slave and then as a freed woman, how she became a Muslim, her marriage, motherhood, her migration to Madinah and her belief in the Prophet and his mission. She endured hardships bravely and played a significant role in spreading the message of Islam. The colorful illustrations that accompany the stories will make this an enjoyable read for children as well as adults and will help them learn about and appreciate the life of Umm Aiman.

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